the perfect space

from here

~ freshly painted mint green fingernails

~ white sundresses that just hug my mediterranean tan

~being (technologically) reunited with my little sister/best friend that's been on a missions trip to romania for 12 long days

~delicious tomato pasta sauce that just makes me want to use all the baguettes in the world to soak it up

~crazy hair that's just begging to be embraced, that then blesses me with a good hair day when i do

~justin beiber playlists and avett brother playlists both played in the span of one afternoon and enjoyed equally

~chocolate & mint gelato in a cone eaten down on a bench overlooking the sea

~skype kisses from b at the beginning, middle, and end of every call

~perfectly decorated travel journals that already let me look back and remember every detail of this adventure

i'm a little-things kind of girl.

1 comment:

BJHooks said...

So this is me commenting...

1) That picture is not doing it for me.
2) SO jel of your Med. tan.
3) Justin Beiber? Really?
4) Aww, Skype kisses...he really is so sweet.
5) I just spent 45 minutes procrastinating, catching up on your blog, so I hope you're happy.

6) Thank you for writing so that I could spend 45 minutes procrastinating, catching up on your blog.

It was amazeballs. ;)