a little distraction while i'm stuck traveling for 30 hours

well kids, it's come to the end.
this is the last time i post from this beautiful and delicious country of love.
i'm all packed up, leaving oh so early tomorrow morning, and my flight should land in JFK around 1:30 pm. i'm hanging around the city for the night and then i'll be back home (!) by 10 am Sunday morning.

i guess this will have to hold you over till i'm finally there and settled, but i wouldn't complain if i were you:

all from  here

gosh, he's pretty.
hope everyone has a good weekend!
catch ya on the flipside :)


Melissa Blake said...

He is quite wonderful. He was in my town filming a movie recently, but I didn't get a chance to see him! :(

Have a safe trip home!

xoxo, dania said...

my goodness hes SOO cute! Anyway, I hope you have a safe flight back to NYC- and if you see this before you leave, you must buy some macaroons from l'aduree! they are delicious! the first time i had them was in the paris airport :)


Vasu said...

Have an amazing trip, enjoy!!, amazing pictures, he looks wow


My SongBook said...

Have a safe trip! I hope you don't miss France too much! (I probably would :).

My SongBook said...

Have a safe trip home! I hope you don't miss France too much! (I know I probably would :).

Kimia Kline said...

he really is so pretty. fly home safe! :)

Hooks said...

Thank you for sharing my obsession. I especially like the glasses pic.

rebecca said...

man candy loveliness.

Kaycie said...

Oh my Efron. He will always be my favorite. So cute!