i'll definitely miss the beach the most

whaddup friends.
 i haven't really posted about my adventures lately, but that's cause my adventure has been the beach.
i'm never going to complain about a typical daily routine of: class for 3 hours, home for lunch, laying out on the mediterranean sea all afternoon, and then relaxing all night, eating pasta and Speculoos.

we hopped over to Nice again last week
[you know, this beautiful place]
and it was sunny and beautiful, and i got some nutella gelato, and then we proceeded to walk literally all around town, therefore balancing out those pounds.

this past saturday, my study abroad group
 [CEA for those of you who are interested]
 took a day trip to Aix-en-Provence.
we met at the ungodly, especially for a saturday, hour of 7:45 and took a private bus a few hours west to this bustling little city.
emily and i had already been there, so it was kind of old news, but it was still pretty.
i forgot to take pictures of the town, but snapped a few of the flower market,
which don't even do it justice.
we need more of these in america.
specifically, rochester.

after walking around, eating a mediocre lunch at a kind of dirty restaurant, and then making up for it with some gelato [of course], we all met back up and got back on the bus.

destination: Chateau Sainte Roseline.
it's a beautiful winery, where apparently there was a big German-American throwdown at the end of WW2, which we, of course, won.
[heck yes, America!]

this place is named what it's named because there was also this Catholic chapel there that had the remains of St. Roseline in it.
like dug up from her grave, half decomposed St. Roseline.
it was disgusting.
she was all black and crusty in this glass case.
i wanted to vom everywhere.
but don't worry, they saved her eyeballs.
i didn't take a picture of that junk because i was more focused on getting the heck out of that creepy place, but maybe if someone else did, i'll ask them if i can yank it and put it on here.
i'll keep you posted, so don't even worry.

tomorrow is more pottery painting, wednesday is Monaco again, and then thursday is Paris!!!
google image
my friend Emily and i are flying up to this magical place for the weekend and i am just so excited.
we have a tenative plan, but i'm mostly just excited to walk around and explore.
to finally be in this beautiful city!
i'm excited for the Eiffel Tower, and picnics along the Seine, and going to the markets, and parades through the city on Bastille Day, and just everything.
i promise that there will be pictures galore when i come back.
i can't even wait.

i'll be back here before i take off, but until then, i'll be dreaming of wearing stripes and probably no beret and riding a bike around the gardens of Paris.
goodness, my life.
sorry to brag, kids.

bonne nuit.

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