my someday life

it's a rainy day on the riviera.
a rare occurrence, usually cursed for ruining beach plans,
but today i'm welcoming it with open arms.
taking time to read a good book, to take a nap on my couch with the windows open, to catch up with people i love, and to daydream a little.

soon after i get back to the U.S,
i start my last year of undergrad schooling.
i'll graduate in 9 short months and my real, grown up life will get rolling.
and as much as i'm going to live this last college year up and not wish it to pass too quickly,
i'm really excited for my after-graduation life.
the one that i fill with people i love, in a new place to call home, with new responsibilities, and new opportunities.
i've been daydreaming about it for a long time and the details are slowly starting to fill themselves in, and, well,
here's what it might just look like:

shared with the love of my life.

polaroid heart

filled with photographs and memories that represent us.Google Image Result for
with an beautiful light, airy bedroom for us, and a little window seat for reading and more daydreaming.
Open, Spacious Kitchen - MyHomeIdeas.coma warm, open kitchen to make meals together in
and have big family dinners.

awesome bedrooms for our babies that will probably make all their friends jealous.

a super rad staircase slide that’s fun for the whole family.

2_veranda_miss-design.com_.jpg (JPEG Image, 735x661 pixels) - Scaled (79%)

beautiful outdoor spaces to have big summer parties and and to have a little quiet time with my loves.
and an environment where it’s really easy for love to grow. 

that's my dream for my someday life.
but a dream for my right now life is coming true tomorrow, so i'm off to pack for it.
Paris, get ready, cause here i come!


two birds said...

i want all of these rooms! i love the cloud with lights for rain! i might have to do that for my kids' rooms!

BJHooks said...

I hope you get all of that and more...and if you do, invite me over so I can be jealous. :)