home, home on the riviera

well guys, i'm home.
home as in my apartment on the riviera, not as in home home.
that's in 2 weeks, and boy, am i ready.
actually, gimme a few more days on the beach and a few more scoops of gelato
and then i'll be ready.

paris was amazeballs.
such a beautiful city and so much fun, except for almost getting trampled at the fireworks at the eiffel tower and a lotta bit of rain on saturday.
even the rain was acceptable cause it made for some excellent napping weather.
what a magical city.

i got home this morning and have been a lazy, sleepy bum all day, so i haven't even gone through my pictures yet.
[sorry this post is picture free. i try to keep my illerate friends entertained, but i can't do it all].
i'll get on that pronto and share the second after that.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!
until next time.

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AJD ∞ said...

I'm so glad you loved Paris, even with its hiccups! I was young when I visited, but the smell was the only downside for me. Everything else--food, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, the Louvre, parks, etc.--was TOTALLY magical [and I hate that word].