hey my wonderful reader friends.
don't worry, it's still me.
today was makeover day for my little blog right here!
i gave her [yes, of course it's a her] :
  1.  a new, clean, simple, beautiful background
  2.  "the lowdown", a page with everything you could ever want to know about me
  3. "daily reads", a page full of the blogs that i stalk love
  4. a "categories" section and a search box, to help you find anything you could want on here
  5. new ways to subscribe! i know a lot of my family and facebook friends visit often, but they have no way of knowing when i write a new post. with the "subscribe by e-mail" button on the right, you all can just put your e-mail address right there, click subscribe and then get notified by e-mail every time i post. under that is another place where you bloggers can subscribe with RSS, Google Reader, Yahoo, etc. you know what to do.
  6. a "share the love" button, where you can post my blog to your fb or twitter. i don't mind free publicity :)
i think that's it.
look around, please let me know if you notice any problems, and tell me what you think!
i love how it turned out.

p.s. for those of you interested in making over your blog too, the header was made with picnik and the rest was by instruction of these ladies:

1 comment:

Ruby Girl said...

love the new look! so fun, isn't it??? i have a feeling our blog evolutions just don't end. <3