next time i'll be better

my plan when i woke up this morning was to start a "picture an hour" series
 [inspired by this lady],
 where i document my day by taking a picture every hour.
[pretty self-explanatory, right?]
it was going to be a good way to remember what daily life over here is like, and my pictures were gonna be cool, and blah blah blah.
but after a fun, eventful morning, in which i did cool stuff and took a zillion photos, i came home for the afternoon and just plain forgot.
plus my two hour nap would have made for two boring pictures.

so we'll scrap that and just go for my last sunday morning in antibes:
[11 a.m]: a beautiful ceiling window that wakes me up with daylight every morning
and a mini-photo collage of b and my family to make me feel at home.
[12 p.m]: i'm really sorry for the 9th grade mirror picture, but... a dress i restyled into a skirt,
and a daily breakfast of some speculoos slathered on a baguette.

[12:30 p.m]: emily and i headed down to the market to look around and pick up some last-minute souvenirs first...

[1 p.m]: and then we grabbed some lunch, [gelato for me of course, and a sandwich for her],
and headed down to a spot by the beach to enjoy.

[2 p.m]: i came home and skyped with my loverboy
and then i guess he had me all twitterpated, so i promptly forgot to finish my series and take any more pictures.
oh well, story of my life as a spacey lady.

how was everyone else's sunday?
i hope as lovely and relaxing as mine.
tell me alllll about them!


Notes She Wrote said...

This is such a cute idea! i should try out this picture an hour thing :)
And I would be the same way. I would totally get twitterpated and forgot to finish if I got to talk to my loverboy on skype ;)

Notes She Wrote

Hooks said...

I hope you have enough Speculoos left in October for me to try some!