i'm waiting for you

both from here

 i'm not in the best mood right now.
tired, migraine-y, and dreading an early morning wake up tomorrow.
but it's to go on a day trip to Aix-en-Provence,
a pretty old city that's a few hours from here by bus.
it'll be worth it.
just right now, i'm not feeling it.
i'm not feeling anything.
i wish b was going to be home when i get home,
waiting for me at the airport, arms open wide.

tomorrow, i’m sure it’ll all be fine.
i’ll be happy and optimistic and back to my normal self.
i’ll post a happy little post, with travel pictures and everything.
so don’t even worry.
until then,

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Madeline said...

Oh girl...I was gonna say it, but looks like you already have it kinda figured out: MORE travel is the cure to homesickness. And lovesickness. Let Aix be the distraction it needs to be :) And then plan another day/weekend trip when you're back.
Praying for your not-feeling-anything-ness!